Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery charge? Is it the same regardless of the size of the order?
0-40THB depends on type of restaurant.

What equipment will I receive?

You will receive a tablet, restaurant marketing such as door sticker, open-close sign, table stand and voucher cards.


How long do we have to prepare the order? Are we able to adjust the preparation time?
The default preparation time is 15 minutes and is fixed. However, we have a dynamic preparation time system that will calculate the average preparation time you need based on the basket size (Order Value) and the number of delivery orders that your restaurant is facing at that point of time.


After the food is picked up from my outlet, how long till it is delivered to the customer?
The delivery will take about 10-20 minutes, depending on weather and traffic conditions.


What if it’s a huge order? Do we still have to prepare it within 15 minutes?
Because of the dynamic preparation time, more time will be given to restaurants if there is a large order. This will be reflected in the restaurant app.


May we mark-up our prices?

foodpanda has a no mark-up and a best price guarantee policy. Therefore, all dine-in prices and delivery prices must match.


Can we change, add or remove any items/item prices?

We have a partner service team that will manage all menu changes via email to For any menu changes, please do include a camera-captured images of your dine-in menu for price verification purposes.


What is the average processing time for menu changes?

The average processing time is 3-7 working days, depending on the extent of the changes.


May we list a set-menu that is not available in our dine-in menu?
Yes, as long as it is not perceived to be more expensive than your ala-carte items in your dine-in menu. However, this is subject to evaluation and approval by foodpanda’s menu consultants to help ensure you have the best price guaranteed.


Are we able to temporarily remove items that are unavailable on that day?
Yes. You will be able to temporarily remove any items that are out of stock for the day. This is done through the restaurant app on the device provided.


Are we able to go offline if we are busy and not able to accept any orders?
Yes. You will be able to change your online page status between “Available”, “Busy” or “Unavailable” at any time through the restaurant app on the device provided.


Will customer be compensated due to spillage/damage caused by the rider during delivery?
We advise you to have your food packaged properly. However, if such situations happened, foodpanda will take care of the customer service recovery (such as refund and compensate customers with an apology voucher).


What if I encounter an issue with my order (e.g. item is not available)? Who do I contact?
You can press cancel order in your tablet with product unavailable reason if that is temporary out of order but if it is permanently out of order, please call our partner service hotline at +662-329-5771 or send an email to


What happens if I accept an order, then realize that the item is not available?
Please call our partner service hotline at +662-329-5771.


Will I be able to see the customer’s details?

Yes. The customer’s name will be reflected in the order on your device provided.


What If there are technical issues with the devices?

Please call our partner service hotline at +662-329-5771 or send an email to for technical support.


How long is your billing cycle? When will we receive our payment?
The billing cut-off dates are on the end of the month. Thereafter, an invoice and report will be generated and emailed to the person in- charge within 2nd-7th of the following month. You need to confirm sales report within 13th and payment will be transferred between 16th-20th by 3pm. Hard copy of tax invoice will be sent VIA post between 28th-31st.


After completing the paperwork, how long is your onboarding process? When can we start receiving orders?
The onboarding process will take about 10-14 working days. After which, a menu-preview link will be emailed to you for confirmation. A confirmation and training call will also be given before bringing your page live on the platform to start receiving orders.


Is there any contract period?

No. Our partner agreements do not carry any contract period.


What happens if I would like to terminate the partnership?

We don’t want to see you go and would like to know your feedback. Hence, please write to and our partner service team would reach out to you. Please give us a 1-month advance notice period. Thereafter, the equipment provided will be collected back. Failure to return the equipment within that period will incur a 6000 THB replacement charge.


What are the charges involved?

foodpanda will apply a 35% commission on the total order value for orders received through our foodpanda platform. For orders paid for by the customer by credit card, an additional 3% bank charge will be waived.


We are not a VAT-registered company. Do we still have to pay for the VAT?
Yes. As foodpanda is a VAT registered company, VAT will be applied based off the commission rate on the order value. (For example, if a customer orders 100THB worth of food (not include VAT), foodpanda’s share would be 35THB+2.45THB inclusive VAT while your share would be 62.55THB net.)


Is there any insurance for foodpanda's rider?

Yes. foodpanda will pay an appropriate amount of compensation to the rider if they are sustain injury at work.


Is there any foodpanda uniform provided when rider are out for delivery?
Yes. We will provide a uniform for the riders before the first day of work.


If we have any other questions after we have started receiving orders, who can we contact?
You may write to or call +662-329-5771. Our friendly partner service team would be happy to assist you.

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